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4566 Renaissance Parkway, Cleveland, OH 44128
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Adamant Computers Onsite Services

Adamant Computers is dedicated to provide the absolute best service and support through our own team of experienced technicians and engineers. No need to waste your valuable work time struggling with computer problems or carting computer equipment to repair shops. Our on-site computer repair is the fastest way to get your computers repaired properly.

Real People Real Service

Adamant Computers offers onsite PC and network installation, support and repair throughout the Ohio, Indiana, PA, Lower Michigan and West Virginia areas. We service businesses, home based businesses and individual home users. Our experienced team will come to your office and eliminate computer or network problems. We are professional with all Microsoft products, UNIX, and Linux.

Adamant Computers also offer drop off service for PC upgrades and repairs.

Desktop and Laptop Upgrades Desktop and Laptop Repair
Virus and Spyware Removal Data Backup and Data Recovery
Network Troubleshooting and Installation Service Computer Maintenance Program
Computer Recycle Service Computer Asset Management

If you have any questions, please call Robert or Ken at 216-360-8877 or send e-mail to nalexllc@gmail.com

Desktop and Laptop Upgrades

Adamant Computers can bring new life into your PC by upgrading some of its key components. Even if your system is fairly new, you may need a few enhancements to accommodate your growing collection of digital photos, movies, files, or video games. Many computers can be upgraded to improve performance. Have questions about whether or not you should upgrade your hardware? Call us and let us bring your computer back to life.

Adamant Computers can provide any computer related part you might need. Any brand of hard drives, logic boards, processors, memory, power supplies, cables, keyboards, mice and much more...

Desktop and Laptop Repair

Is your hardware or software giving you trouble or not working? Why go through the problems of disassembling your PC and hauling it to a repair shop every time it needs service, only to wait a week or more to get it back? Adamant onsite technicians come directly to your office or home to provide on-the-spot help for troubled notebooks and desktop PCs.

Adamant onsite technicians have been trained to troubleshoot and fix some of the latest computer systems including Dell, Sony, Gateway, E-machine, IBM, HP/Compaq, and custom built computers with Windows 98se, Me, 2000, and XP operating systems. Our service is fast and affordable.

All repairs are covered under a minimum 30-day labor and 30-day parts warranty, or as specified by the manufacturer. Adamant Computers recommends regular data backup and assume no responsibility for lost data.

Virus and Spyware Detection and Removal

It is important to keep your computer data secure and safe. Having an up to date Virus Protection Software is one of the most important responsibilities of safe, trouble free computing. Without virus protection, viruses may destroy data, disclose data, replicate itself to friends, and render your computer unusable.

Does your computer act strange? Do you get lots of Pop-ups? It could be a virus or spyware. No matter what kind of PC you have, you need the latest anti-virus and spyware software. Not only do anti-virus and spyware programs protect your computer from damage, but they also prevent you from accidentally passing viruses to family and friends when you send e-mails or share files. If you’re unsure about which virus software to install or how to configure it, give us a call. We can remove and repair those nasty viruses and bugs.

Data Backup and Data Recovery

Data backup is vital to the survival of any company, small or large. Everyone needs some kind of data recovery plan, even if it is simple. Where would you be if you lost your files and email? What if this happened to your entire company? Chances are that this is a scary thought. There are two types of hard drives - those that have failed and those that might fail. This is the reality in today's world of inexpensive consumer drives, and the chances are of failure are too high to ignore. With hard drive manufacturers competing within a range of just a few dollars, low prices and faster drives sometimes come at the sacrifice of reliability.

Adamant Computers can maintain and implement various back-up solutions. You can never be too safe these days. We can effectively locate all of your important files and back them up to tape drives or CDs for you.

Rotating tape drive backups is the most common data backup method in use today. Given the rising costs of tape disks, administration overhead, slow restore speeds, and the overall lack of reliability with tape media, an affordable online remote backup system is the perfect solution.

Adamant Computers offer offsite data storage and redundancy services. Built to mirror the main data center, it offers the redundancy, security, and ease of mind most data dependant customers demand. These services are highly secure and built to provide our customers an immediate data center should emergencies arrive and the customer requires a fully functioning office within hours.

Network Troubleshooting and Installation Service

No matter what is your network Operating System, Linux, Unix, Windows, Apple or Novell, wired or wireless networks, Adamant Network Engineer will efficiently trouble-shoot your network problems. We solve problems in hours that other techs have been unable to solve in days. If your network is outdated or running slow and unable to handle the growing volume of network traffic or users, Adamant can help you decide what your network needs to run at top performance. For a fixed monthly fee, you will have a computer professional team attending your needs

Network Setup and Support Services

  • Hubs & Switches
  • Router Configuration
  • Network Cabling
  • Wall Jacks / Paneling
  • Network Security Testing
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
Adamant provides the following Network Integration Services
  • Network design and installation
  • Network analysis and troubleshooting
  • Network security solutions
  • Server-based computing solutions
  • On-site network management
  • Remote network management, to the desktop level

Maintenance Service Program

Adamant maintenance service program is designed to address the needs of businesses that do not have qualified computer technicians on staff. Basic equipment maintenance such as data backup, internal and external component cleaning and software updates is administered on a scheduled basis. Adamant can keep your PC healthy and running at top performance with this service. For a fixed monthly fee, you will have a computer professional team attending your needs.

Here is a list of our Maintenance Services

  • Software Updates/System Performance Optimization
  • Data Backup
  • Anti Virus and Spyware Protection and Updating
  • Firewall Protection
  • Internal/External Component Cleaning
  • Defrag the hard drive for better performance
  • Fine-tune display settings and set display to fit monitor window
  • Dust Cleaning - The Deadliest Computer Disease
    Dust is the silent PC killer. A virus will ruin your data or freeze your PC, but dust can destroy your hardware thru heat build up or in extreme cases, cause a fire. Major computer publications always recommend a cleaning the inside of your computer once every 6 months and at a minimum, a full cleaning every year.

Computer Recycling and Disposal

Did you know that implementing a proper in-house computer disposal program can cost up to $400 per computer? Adamant Computers can properly dispose of your computer hardware for a fraction of what it would cost to do it yourself. Why worry about risk management, software licenses and environmental compliance? Adamant will pickup your equipment, provide the requested services and send you a detailed record of what was accomplished.

Each piece of equipment received will be fully tested, to determine if total unit is working or non-working. This includes motherboards, chips, hard drives, modems, ect.

If the system is a working unit, the hard drive will be wiped clean and all information destroyed. Adamant Computers will advise about the possibility of reselling or reusing the equipment. Some of the equipment might be purchased by Adamant Computers for resale.

If the computer is a non-working unit, the hard drives are pulled and wiped clean or destroyed, so that all information is eliminated. Special care is given to the circuit boards since they are environmentally sensitive. These boards contain lead solder and should not be disposed of in a landfill.

Monitor Recycling and Disposal

If it is a non-working monitor, special care must be given since they are environmentally sensitive. Monitors contain lead and other metals that may not be disposed of in a landfill. We have the knowledge and the specialized equipment to ensure that the monitors are disposed of properly.

Certificate of Recycling

Upon request, Adamant Computers will provide a Certificate of Recycling. This certificate states all equipment that is recycled will be done in compliance with Federal, State, County, and Local regulations.

Computer Asset Management

Return on Investment

In order to maximize your return on your investment, Adamant Computers has a staff of Employees who specialize in the re-selling of computers, communication, banking, retail and other types of assets. An amount of revenue obtained from these sales can be returned to your company after expenses are applied.

Inventory Procedures

If requested by the customer, Adamant Computers will inventory all items received. The inventory will include location, type of equipment, manufacturer, model number, serial number, and asset tag numbers. The inventory data is recorded on an electronic spreadsheet and the information will be sent to your company.

Charity Donations

An Adamant Computers helps many businesses donate computer equipment to charity organizations. All hard drives are wiped clean of any sensitive information, then clean, package and deliver the equipment to the charity organization on your behalf. These services are performed on behalf of your customer at a reduced rate.

Order hot line: 216-360-8877
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