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    Adamant PCs use genuine Microsoft® Software
  Companion 1000 Series Home and Office Computers - AMD
  Adamant’s Companion 1000 Series Home Computers are powered by AMD processors. The descriptions should lead you to the type of computer that you want, then you can customize it for an exact match.
Adamant Companion 1010 Entry-Level Home
Adamant Companion 1010 Home Computers perform all the basic computing tasks such as exchanging e-mails, surfing the Internet, business office applications and more.
from $2,491.16
Adamant Companion 1040 Home Best Buy Computer
Adamant Companion 1040 Home Computers are even faster as they are built around the latest PCI-Express technology.
from $2,501.74
Adamant Companion 1050 Home Hybrid CrossFireX
Adamant Companion 1050 Home Computers package top-of-the-line computing power in very attractive, very quiet and very high quality ANTEC cases resulting in home computers for users who wants the very best.
from $1,259.25

Prices updated: January 8, 2020
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